Shakti Mat – improve your sleep, reset your mind and wash away tension

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Let’s talk the Shakti mat!

I first came across this world leading acupressure mat during lockdown and can honestly say that coupled with a few other enlightening tools, it really changed my life.

I first started using it to try to help relieve the because tension I hold in my shoulders – what I didn’t bargain on, however, were all the other added benefits. Stick with me and I’ll explain how this spiky mat can turn pain into pleasure and could revolutionise your self-care routine.

The Shakti mat is essentially a modern take on the traditional Indian bed of nails. It’s undeniably uncomfortable at first but there are things you can do to help manage this like wearing a light T-shirt until you get used to it. Once you’ve pushed past the challenging first five minutes you really are in for some great rewards. At first you’re only going to feel the pressure of the spikes digging into you. You want to resist this pressure but just let yourself lean into it, and rest assured that it’s not going to break your skin.

Within a couple of minutes you’ll feel your skin start to warm up almost like a sunburn :- this is the blood rushing to those targeted areas as it starts to regenerate the muscles, relaxing them and increasing the overall circulation throughout your body. This is the time to concentrate on your breath work, deep inhales and long exhales are going to help your mind get as much out of this experience as your body does.

After five minutes you are over the worst! Now comes the good (and waaaay less challenging!) part. You’re going to feel your body soften as it relaxes and leans into the spikes of your shacki mat, you’ll feel a sense of comfort, relaxation and calm as the warm feeling in your muscles takes over your body. It’s now that you are going to feel the complete blissed out Shakti experience in your mind as much as in your body. You’re going to feel such a deep sense of relaxation physically and mentally – the calm will just wash over you and hold you for as long as you want to.

From this place you can clear your mind, or focus your mind or even go to sleep! As hard as it may seem at first that it would even be possible to fall asleep on a mat full of spikes it really isn’t impossible and before long I’m sure you’ll be doing it too! This relaxed and blissed out state is a really great platform for your meditation sessions as well as a great platform to get you off to a deep sleep.

What I love about it most is how it can help in multiple different ways. For example I use the Shakti mat to release tension, Both physical and mental and I know I can count on the Shakti mat to 100% deliver that for me. My colleague Sally uses her Shakti mat to help her fall asleep and keep herself in a lovely deep sleep for the night and I know that she’ll testify along with me that it’s very easy to fall asleep on it despite it seeming like such a ridiculous notion! To help combat overwhelm and to quiet a noisy mind, just jump on your Shakti Mat- it offers a shock to the system that will interrupt a spiralling mind, decompress you and envelope you in a delightful sense of calm.

It’s taken me a while but I am now proud to announce that I’ve added a new little trick into my Shakti mat regime! So now I stand on my mat for three minutes every morning and every evening while I’m brushing my teeth, using habit stacking to its fullest!

The Shakti mat comes in three different levels the light has more spikes and is less intense, the original comes in 4 colours and is the most popular, and the advanced has less spikes which makes for a more intense experience. You can also buy the Shakti pillows which are great for getting into the nape of the neck area, using long ways down your spine, under your knees or ankles, or in the lower back area.

We are very choosy about who we buy from and who we represent and have really loved working with this company. The Shakir mat is manufactured in India with all employees receiving a living wage and an emergency medical fund. They donate back to India as a gesture of thanks for the people who tirelessly work on keeping the standards so high. So far the Shakti community has helped get kids to school and fund over 99,000 deworming tablets. We also have our Shakti Acupressure rings – these are great for tired or cold fingers and to relieve Reynauls.

Our Shakti mats are back in stock on the website and on our shelf in @thesmallbizcollection. I have also included this fab introduction tutorial for beginners here.

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