Quartz Geodes


This is a striking quartz geode with a hollow inner which is lined with sparking white or clear quartz crystals. The cave like shape of this rough crystal serves to amplify the energy of the quartz and diffuse the energy into a space, making the benefits take effect gently over time.

Used in protection, Quartz is a master healer stone, giving it excellent all round properties. It is often used to increase healing energy and is used for protection and capturing bad vibrations.

We hand-pick our crystals and are not able to specify which particular piece you will receive, but each one is beautiful in its individual way.  The price is calculated by weight, but below are the approximate dimensions.

Large: 9cm x 7cm x 6cm

Medium: 8cm x 4cm x 5cm

Mini: 3cm x 2cm x 3cm



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Large, Medium, Mini

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