Amazonite - Courage/Truth/Tranquility



Amazonite is a balancing stone, known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage.  It’s blue-green colour aligns it with both the heart and the throat chakras and h,eps to balance them, as well as helping to release any toxic emotions.  Amazonite’s calming and soothing energies will help to protect you in times of stress and will also help to protect you against negative emotions as it promotes tranquility, peace and understanding.  This crystal also helps you move beyond the fear of judgement and confrontation, so you are able to express your true, authentic self.

We hand-pick our crystals and are not able to specify which particular piece you will receive, but each one is beautiful in its individual way.  The price is calculated by weight, but below are the approximate dimensions.

5cm x 4cm x 4cm


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