A Day Retreat - Changing Lanes: How to Thrive in the Perimenopausal Years Saturday 23rd April’22 09.45 - 16.45


Changing Lanes: How to Thrive in the Perimenopausal Years.

A day retreat taking time out to relax, restore & get ideas on how to nourish your brain and body in these changing years.

9.45am – 4.45pm: Saturday 23rd April 2022, Torrington Hall, Holywell Hill, St Albans

A day away from the hustle of life, discussions with like-minded people and simple ideas as to how to update your life. Featuring experts in nutrition, movement and skincare. Plus suggestions of other life updates needed to thrive in these transformative years. If you’ve started to notice changes in your 40s & early 50s, are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and would love to find out “it’s not just you”, this day is for you. Including (correct at time of publishing)

• An overview on the biology of the 40s Body – Where did this hair come from? Why can’t I focus? Why am I changing shape regardless of what I do?  it’s all going on!

• Life updates including:
• Nutritional Therapist Marie Hick shares her wisdom on how to support your body now – what, when and why. It’s not just about the calories in and calories out anymore
• Movement – pushing your body to the limit without recovery can result in a decrease of lean muscle mass and increased belly fat. Hear how to move your body to energise rather than exhaust, plus a practical breathe & yoga session with Bryony Dewson

• Lifestyle: Bespoke fascialist Jodie Beale shares tips on updating our 40s skin regime and answers your skincare conundrums

• Stress 101 – stress is no bad thing.  But it can lead to burnout.  Learn how to build your stress resilience to ensure that it doesn’t control you. It’s about daily habits rather than occasional holidays

• Q&A with GP Dr Laura Abraham on our changing bodies and HRT

• Treats including a welcoming ginger shot, tea & nutritious flapjacks

• A delicious mediterranean based lunch provided by “Bite Around the World”

• A goody bag for you to try out some of the tips suggested in your own home




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