My Ghostly Encounters…..👻

As voted for by 75% of you- brace yourself to get spooked with my ghostly encounters in the shop over the years! 👻

Firstly, let me say that at no point have any of us ever felt any negative energy; from day 1 it’s always been positive and kind- otherwise over 5 years on there’s no way I’d still be here!

The first spooky incident happened maybe 5 years ago now. I was sitting in the workshop area with my laptop out talking to a colleague about websites and working on new designs, when I heard three knocks on the window that faces the pavement. We often get people waving at us through the window or even sitting in the traffic jam in the cars because we have such big windows that we can be clearly seen, but this time I looked out towards the knocking sound but couldn’t see anyone there.

I said to my colleague “did you just hear someone knock on the window?”And she said that she also thought she heard the knocking and thought it was weird that no one was actually there. Well, literally two seconds after we stopped talking about that we heard another 3 knock but this time coming from the opposite side of the workshop area. We both looked at each other and it makes me laugh because I can still see her face; just the disbelief and shock at having the same thing happen but from a wall that it was totally inconceivable to have heard a noise from given that we’ve never heard it before. So we were both a bit rattled then… But this is the bit that really freaked us out! So the next thing that happened was three big thumps but this time coming from underneath the floor where we were working – we even felt the vibration on our feet. We both jumped up from our chairs back’s flat against the wall in complete silence, honestly we were so freaked out and still I have no explanation for that. What is interesting to me is the fact that the lady I was working with is quite science based , she was helping with financial things and techy things and the fact that it happened in her presence and her experience of it was exactly the same as my experience where I am much more open to this kind of thing was definitely something I noted.

Honestly there are so many little things but I’ll just tell you the bigger ones for now and maybe if you want to hear more I could write a blog just about this but the next most confronting experience was quite recently while I was with my lovely friend Emma @emmadaisyyoga

It must’ve been around seven-ish in the evening and I’d picked her up from her home and we’ve driven into work for an evening workshop of gorgeous, light movement and breath work which she was leading. As usual we were chat chat chatting away in the car and still chatting after we parked and as I turned my key in the shop door to open the shop but we were stopped in our tracks as soon as we walked not even two steps into the shop because somebody said to us as we walked in “Cooeeeee!” like how my Nan used to say it. We both stopped dead to look at each other and I couldn’t really say anything I was so shocked. Then we heard loads of scuffling in the workshop area like feet moving or chairs moving I don’t even really know how to describe it, it wasn’t definite footsteps but there were noises and there was movement going on up there. So I don’t know why but I went quite quiet and then Emma asked me who was in the the workshop area and asked if Sally was here. I knew that she definitely was not here but how did we explain the noise? We called out “Sally is that you?” and went up to the workshop area but there was no Sally and no more scuffling around. Neither of us felt intimidated or nervous but, my goodness, that voice was so real – it just sounded like a normal voice.

Emma later investigated it and came to the conclusion that it may have been her auntie who used to love singing that song “Walk Of Life” and that noise features quite heavily in that song so maybe it was Emma‘s auntie saying hi to Emma just before she was going to do her class or maybe it was one of our resident ghosts making an appearance.

Similar to that last experience was something that happened to Sally a few days later when she was opening up one day. She walked into the shop and was just about to put the radio on when she heard a loud and distinct “hi!” I hadn’t even told her yet about what had happened to me and Emma so when she told me a similar thing had happened to her too I think my jaw must have dropped to the floor!

These are the main experiences with a sprinkling of neon candles randomly found in the middle of the floor when we opened up, static energy and second hand experiences from the flat upstairs, but obviously nothing has been scary enough to have us running up Holywell Hill! Maybe when we re-open I should do a night time tour?! 👻

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