Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I love mirrors – my house is full of them and not because I love looking at myself! I love how you see familiar things in an unfamiliar way in a reflection, I love the way they catch the light or flicker with a candle in front of them. Here are my top three mirror heroes…

Antiqued Floral Mirror

I’m not scared to pop an indoor mirror outside just to Style at my garden space for an evening with friends and our new flower mirror looks great blending in with the outdoor plants and flowers. It has a beautiful vintage pattern are on both the gold frame and the mirror itself which gives it a very Secret Garden feel when you use it outdoors.

antiqued floral mirror

Gold Oblong Mirror

The shape of my next choice is what is sealed the deal for me: a gorgeous oblong gold framed mirror with flex of green for interest. And even better, it’s in the sale!

gold oblong mirror

Traditional Indian Mirrors

Our Traditional Indian Mirrors are as unique as they are gorgeous you’ll never find the same one twice. Hung as a collection of by themselves they’re lovely eclectic find.

traditional indian mirror

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